This page condenses some of the main lab works done in collaboration with other musicians.

Quintet– Created initially as a laboratory, it resulted in two albums in which the personality of the group stands out as much as that of each one of its members.

Brazilian Scandinavian Jazz Orchestra– Formed by musicians from Ensemble Bissamblazz and Danish big band The Orchestra, BSJO held concerts in São Paulo, where recorded its only album. The following year, in 2007, they performed at the Scandinavian jazz festivals in Sweden, Norwegian and Denmark.

Coral Paulistano, Bissamblazz and Jens Winter. In celebration of the 70 years of the choir created by Mario de Andrade, 4 concerts were held with music written especially for the occasion.

Erik Moseholm – Between 1994 and 1997, Magno worked with Erik Moseholm, director of the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, in projects that brought students and teachers from that Conservatory to Brazil. In 2002 Erik invited Magno to organize and produce a tour of the European Jazz Youth Orchestra in Brazil two years later. He was also invited to write two musical pieces for the orchestra and play with them, even though he is not European.

Banda Savana– In the late 80’s, Magno met trumpet player José Roberto Branco, with whom he started a big band with young musicians, with the purpose of playing Brazilian music. In a short time, the group established itself as a reference and recorded two albums produced by Magno, who was also coordinator of the group in its participation at the Brazilian Memory Project – Arrangers.

Neergaard – Bissoli– Connection – The cooperation between Niels Neergaard and Magno Bissoli dates back to 1980, when they met in São Paulo, Brasil. Three months later they met again, this time in Copenhagen, Denmark, where Magno stayed for almost 3 years and began playing with various groups.

From 1985 to 2010 Magno and Niels led numerous bands in Brazil, Argentina and Denmark, including the trumpet players Allan Botschinsky, Jens Winter, Lars Togeby, pianists Ben Besiakov, Ole Cock Hansen, Thomas Clausen, Niels Lan Docky and Horacio Larumbe; bassists Jesper Lundgaard, Hugo Rasmussen, Torben Westergaard,  Zé Alexandre and Sizão Machado;  saxophonist Vitor Alcântara, percussionist Paulo Falanga, , guitar players Søren Addemos, Cláudio Celso, Fernando Correa, among others. They recorded 3 albums, including Cometa, produced in Hamburg, Germany, in 1986, with Allan Botchinsky, Nils Tuxen and Tissy Thiers.

VIP– (1981) With Jesper Lundgaard – bass; Ben Besiakov – piano, Jens Hack – saxophones and Niels Neergaard – trombone, Magno began his career as a band leader in Denmark.

Syncro Jazz– (1979-1981) Formed by Nestico and Vidal Sbrighi saxophones; Lilu piano; Peter Wooley bass and Magno Bissoli drums, the group actively participated in the instrumental music movement in the late 70s and early 80s, performing in jazz houses and theaters such as Opus 2004, Saint Germain, Bexiga Theater and Lira Paulistana Theater from São Paulo.